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Oceans adds Multiplayer and a Deckbuilder


Oceans Digital Board Game now features Cross Platform Multiplayer and the ability to make custom decks

KENSINGTON, MD. – Sept. 13, 2022Oceans Digital , based on the hit strategy board game of adapting species to survive, celebrates its full release with the addition of two hotly anticipated features. Players can now play with others online, and customize the game deck, in this full Oceans Digital release. 

Oceans, part of North Star Games’ Evolution line, is the digital version of the board game that had a massively successful Kickstarter campaign of $750,000 USD. In Oceans, players try to survive in an ever-changing ecosystem by crafting new species of animals. Twelve Surface traits and a huge array of Deep cards representing the unexplored depths of the ocean provide the means to survive and thrive in the harsh underwater environment.

Now, a brand new multiplayer mode allows players to go head to head in Oceans Digital, across any device. Players can play in real time or asynchronously, across both iOS and Android.  A Deck Builder feature lets players customize Oceans to create their own unique games.  Board Gamers can now try one of the biggest board game releases of the past few years for free, with the reef and 20 Deep Cards free-to-try (and ad free). Free users can also join one multiplayer game per day.  Unlimited multiplayer, and the deckbuilder, costs $3.99 for existing users, or is included in the full game price of 7.99 for new users, which includes 70 more Deep Cards, 21 more scenarios, and multiple strong AI opponents.  

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About North Star Digital Studios

North Star Digital Studios is a digital board game development house based in Kensington, MD. Founded in 2014 by parent company North Star Games’ Scott Rencher and Dominic Crapuchettes, the company is devoted to adapting North Star board games into digital versions that capture the heart of the originals while taking full advantage of what video games have to offer. Oceans is the studio’s second release following 2019’s Digital Board Game of the Year Evolution.

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North Star Digital Studios
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About North Star Digital Studios

North Star Games was founded in 2003, and their clever yet intuitive games have entertained millions of people. North Star Digital Studios was launched in 2016 to bring North Star’s well-loved concepts to a whole new world of gamers. Since then, we have built a team of video game development experts, and are prepared to deliver a unique, innovative experience for old and new players alike with the Oceans digital game.