— Oceans Digital F.A.Q —

Is the Oceans Digital Game free?

Oceans Digital is free to try, but the Full Game does cost money.  The free portion includes the tutorial, ten cards in the Reef, 20 cards from The Deep, four Scenarios, the Easy difficulty level computer opponent, and you are able to join one multiplayer game per day.  The Complete Game is a one-time purchase that allows for lots of extra content and unlimited play

What do I get if I buy the Complete Game?

The complete game includes 67 more Deep Cards, the ability to create and play Unlimited Multiplayer Games, the Custom Deckbuilder, 21 Scenarios, Pass and Play functionality, and the Intermediate and Hard computer opponents.  It also includes the Aggressive and Defensive computer opponent styles of play.

Does Oceans have online multiplayer?  Can I play Asynchronously?

Yes!  The Multiplayer feature is fully crossplatform, and allows you to play in real time or asynchronously.  You can join someone else’s multiplayer game once per day for free, or purchase the Multiplayer/Deckbuilder addon to create your own games and join an unlimited amount of games.

Is the Multiplayer and Deckbuilder add on separate?

For Folks that already own the Full Deck, they can add on the Multiplayer and Deckbuilder feature for a discounted price.  For new folks, if you buy the Complete Game, you’ll get the Full Deck and the Multiplayer/Deckbuilder.

Is my purchase crossplatform?

Yes, purchase on either an Apple device or Android device, and the game will be unlocked when you log in on another device, as long as you create a login.  It will also be unlocked on PC/Steam when it arrives!

Why should I create an account?

An account backs up your purchase online and allows you to log in and unlock the game on other devices.  It also allows us to email you when new content or features are added to the game.

Is this the same account as I use for Evolution?

Yes, Evolution Digital and Oceans Digital both use the same Northstar account system.

Can I forage from the Reef if my species does not have a forage icon?

Yes. A species that does not have any green icons automatically gets a forage value of 1. Likewise, a species that does not have any red icons automatically gets an attack value of 1.

When I play my first trait with a forage icon, do I add the forage icon number to the automatic forage value of 1?

No. A species automatically gets a forage value of 1 only if it does not have any traits with a forage icon. Likewise, a species automatically gets an attack value of 1 only if it does not have any traits with an attack icon.

Does a species go extinct when it ends a turn with zero population?

No. A species only goes extinct during your aging phase if it does not have enough population to age the entire amount. If a species is supposed to age 2 population, but only has 1 population, it will score 1 population and then go extinct.

Can I play a Speed on a species that already has 3 traits?

Yes. You may play any trait that says “May have 1 extra trait” on a species that already has the maximum number of traits.

What happens if there is a timing issue with triggered events?

If multiple players have triggered events, resolve them in turn order starting with the current player. If a player has multiple effects that trigger at the same time, that player may choose the order.

May I use my bonus scoring token to pay for Deep cards?

No. The Bonus Tokens are only used for the end-game scoring.

May a species be adjacent to itself if it is the only species in play?


When a species forages from an Ocean zone and it runs out of population, do you take population from the next Ocean zone?

No. You only do that when a species gains.

Can I rearrange the order of my species boards?


Is there a limit to the number of species a player can have?

Practically speaking you can only fit 8 on the screen, or if you have more than three traits on a species that counts as two species.  If you can keep that many alive, it’s time to increase your level of difficulty or play multiplayer! 

Where can I buy Oceans?

Oceans is currently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for mobile devices.

Where can I learn more about the Oceans Board Game?

Note it can be found within our webstore.

What are the Oceans Minimum Specs?

iOS – version 13.0 and above
Android – 7.0(Nougat)  and above