Private Games with Friends


We’re pleased to launch Asynchronous Private Games!


There are now two ways to play Private Games of Evolution with your friends:  Real time, or Asynchronously. 

  1. Private Games:  Real time games that happen “live” and you can set the timer for one or five minutes per turn.  
  2. Asynchronous games: You and your friends don’t need to play at the same time. These are accessed through “Asynchronous Games” under Online Games.  


How Asynchronous Games work:


Start a New Game: 


First, friend a couple of players in the game.   Don’t have anyone on your friends list yet? Play a matchmade game, and friend an opponent by clicking on their name and then hit Add Friend on their pull out drawer.  Better yet, send the game to a few friends to download and then add their usernames in the Friends tab.  


Now, go to Online Games, then click on Asynchronous Games.  Set up a game with friends off of your friends list, and then start the game.  Your friends will get a push notification informing them that you want to play a game with them.  Even Steam players will get a notification if they have Steam open in the background. The game assumes they will accept.  If they decline the invitation, they will be replaced by an AI. They then will be invited to play their Food Card.  


As the host, you can go ahead and play your Food Card.  If your opponents aren’t online at the moment, then go to Settings, and hit main menu.  Once your opponents take their turn, the game will let you know it’s your turn, or will send you a push notification if you aren’t playing Evolution at the time.  


You were invited to a game:


Click on the Push Notification you received, and it will open the Evolution Game.  Upon opening, the game should inform you it’s your turn. Click take turn, and play your food card.  After you play, the game will wait for your opponents to play. If your opponents aren’t online at the time, then hit Settings, Main Menu, and play singleplayer while you wait for them to take their turn.   The game will let you know when you have a turn pending, or you’ll get a push notification if you’re aren’t in the game.  


No Turn Notification lately?


There is no time limit in an Asynchronous game.  To check on the status of a game, go to the Asynchronous Games menu, and it will show all of the games you have in progress.   You can play multiple Asynch games at once. Click the game in question, and it will tell you whose turn it is. Are they taking forever?  Ping them on in game chat, and it will send your message via a push notification. Have fun playing!